Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Victorville Volunteer programs offer a variety of ways to get involved in your community.  Assignments are varied and offer a wide choice of working conditions.  Volunteers are essential to providing quality services to the residents of our community.  Volunteers gain new skills and valuable work experience, meet new people, build self-confidence and improve the quality of life in the community, and give the City the ability to strengthen existing programs and services, as well as  develop new programs.


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Military Banner Program

Monica Petersen/Program Coordinator (760) 955-3306

or email  mpetersen@ci.victorville.ca.us 

Police Explorer Program www.vcexplorers502.com
Citizens on Patrol Program (COP)

(760) 241-2911 or visit


Library (760) 245-4222 or Friends of the Library 
Recreation Hook Community Center
(760) 245-5551
Community Cleanup Days (760) 955-5086 or click here 
Public Works VVC Cooperative Education Click here for VVC Cooperative Education Form
Other Volunteer Opportunities

Click here for Volunteer Interest Form


Volunteers/Minor (Under the age of 18)

It is the policy of the City of Victorville to ensure the safety of minors in all work settings including minors with voluntary appointments. Those applicants who are under the age of 18 are required to submit a Statement of Intent to Employ Minor/Request for Work Permit B-1 Form from the California Department of Education.

Please note: Candidates recommended for a volunteer appointment will be required to undergo a pre-employment physical, drug test, background reference and fingerprint check.